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Launch of site

After a lot of work and tons of help from some good friends, the new and improved site is now live. It has gone from a boring and static page to a dynamic, easy to navigate, one-stop-shop for recipes that serve one to two people. Sure, some of the recipes are too big for a few people to eat at one sitting, like the Chili Soup, but it can also be stored in single serving containers for a long time in your freezer. If the recipes are large there is a reason I do it. It either lasts a long time or it’s just too tedious to do in small amounts.

I will also keep you updated on cool new kitchen gadgets, restaurants, wine, and cool supermarket buys via the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. One of the things you might notice right away is that many of the recipes have a preparation and cooking time of zero. My old site did not have this information, so I’ll add those when I can.

New stuff to the site:
Dynamic Page size – You can now easily view the site on your computer and any mobile devices. The site changes to fit your screen.
Printing – Printing a recipe is now as simple as hitting Command+P on a Mac or Alt+P on a PC while in your browser. It only prints the recipe and not all the other stuff on the page.
Submit Recipe Button – That’s right! Submit your own recipes. Adding a new recipe each week can be a lot of work, but with your help maybe I’ll even have time for some Game of Thrones.
Top Recipe Slider – A slideshow of a few of the top recipes.
Rate Recipes – Rate Recipes and let me know if you like it or not. Constructive criticism can be helpful in making better recipes.
Comments– Post your comments at the bottom of all the recipes.
Recipe Search – Besides finding a recipe by the top menu, you can now search for a particular recipe by name, ingredients, category type, or cuisine type.
Blog – Crazy helpful kitchen tips and random thoughts.
Video Recipes – Although there aren’t any yet, I will be adding video recipes because it has always been easier for me to learn the recipe by seeing someone make it than just going by the directions alone.

I hope you enjoy this little site. It’s been a blast putting it together.

From the tiny kitchen,
The Single Gourmand

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