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Secret Ingredient: Trappy’s Hot Sliced Jalapeno’s

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  Trappey’s is know for there Hot Sauces like Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Bull Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Indi-Pep Pepper Sauce . It  is one of the oldest hot sauce brands in the United States. It was originally produced by Louisiana-based Trappey’s Fine Foods, Inc. but Trappey’s was eventually purchased by B&G... more

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Jerk Pork with Pineapple Relish

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The grilled flavor of jerk seasoning and pineapple relish that adds a sweetness that goes ...

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crunchy shell tacos

Red Chile Salsa (for Meat Tacos)

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Thick salsa that goes great on a tacos or served with fried meats and sausages.

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photograph of Wassail

Red Rum Wassail

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You can't go caroling with out this.

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