Shiny Apple Cookie


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  • Yield : 1-2 glasses
  • Servings : 1-2
  • Ready In : 1m

On a recent trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee I became a bit thirsty for an adult beverage. While asking around for a liquor store I found out that I was in a dry county and I there were no liquor stores. After a little more prying I found out that I could still buy beer and wine in this dry county and the next day I can go to a moonshine distillery where I can buy all the liqueur I wanted. Dry county my butt! The distillery was very cool and they let you try quite a bit of the different kinds of moonshines. The hardcore white-lighting types were way above my comfort level but the more liquor styles with the flavorings I really liked. These moonshines are becoming more and more popular outside of Tennessee and Kentucky and they are marketing them pretty hard so you are more likely to find them in your local liqueur store these days. The shine I used here has a low enough proof I can drink it straight but I really like it with bubbles and a mild apple flavor to pair it with. Plus the Sparkling Ice is zero calories!

If you can’t find the oatmeal cookie flavor try it with butterscotch, caramel, french toast, or another sweet flavored shine.


  • ½ cup Old Forge Distillery, Oatmeal Cookie flavored moonshine
  • 1 cup Sparkling Ice, Apple flavored


Step 1

Fill a small mason jar with ice. Pour in the moonshine then top with the Sparkling Ice. Give it a slow stir and serve with an apple slice.

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