Recipes from Ingredient: beef

Peanuts, Frito’s and Jerky

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A bold, spicy, and salty combination of snacking bites that goes really well with a ...

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Black and Blue Burger

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Crispy outside, warm pink center, smokey bacon, and creamy blue cheese. The richest hamburger in ...

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Irish Egg Rolls

Recipe Type: , Cuisine: , , ,

A great way to use leftover corned beef from St Paddy's Day!

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Pan-Seared New York Strip

Pan-Seared New York Strip with Bourbon Cream Sauce

Recipe Type: , Cuisine: ,

I found a way to re-create that amazing steak cooked in a wood-fired oven on ...

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Tequila Beef Stew 1

Tequila Beef Stew

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Stew is one of the simplest things to make.

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