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Fun with Vinaigrettes

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Recently, I learned the ancient art of making salad dressings. And in doing so, I was no longer trapped within the confines of Aisle 3 at the grocery store, hoping that one of those bottles would wake-up a dish or bring flavor to my lowly greens. I started making my... more

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Cookbook Corner

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Cookbook Corner

You can find pretty much everything online these days but I still love the way my favorite authors explain cooking techniques and recipes. It’s nice to have that all in one book. Here are a few that I have in my kitchen. Click on the book images to learn more.... more

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Cool Gourmand Apps

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app main

Everyone’s moving so quick these days it’s nice to know there is an “app for that” when it comes to getting your food and drink on.   Android Play/App Store Free or 2.49 Month You have your own recipe box you can take anywhere and even add your own recipes.... more

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Re Launch!

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Launch of site

After a lot of work and tons of help from some good friends, the new and improved site is now live. It has gone from a boring and static page to a dynamic, easy to navigate, one-stop-shop for recipes that serve one to two people. Sure, some of the recipes... more

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