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This site is designed to help singles and couples enjoy the art of cooking. Here you’ll find everything from quick and delicious recipes to reviews of the latest kitchen gadgets and suggestions for how to stock your pantry. There are lots of benefits to preparing and eating real food, including saving money, eating healthier, and feeling better. Plus, it sure beats standing over the kitchen sink and shoving a Hot Pocket in your mouth.

I first moved out on my own at the tender age of 35. In those days, I ate mostly fast food and frozen dinners. On special occasions, I’d really treat myself and dine at places like Waffle House or Denny’s. Pretty fancy, eh? Well, although these places did add a little variety to my diet, it was an awful existence for a foodie like me. After all, I really enjoy good food and my old routine was so completely unsatisfying.

So, I decided to begin preparing my own meals. I started with recipes I had learned from my parents. Unfortunately, this only got me so far, and after eating nothing but chili and tuna casserole for a month, I finally purchased my first cookbook. I quickly realized that you can cook just about anything as long as you can simply follow directions! I even got creative by tweaking a few favorite recipes to suit my personal taste. This gave me even greater confidence and soon I was creating my own recipes. Now I’m sharing them with you!

Trust me: You can make incredible meals for much cheaper than dining out, and they’ll definitely taste much better than anything that comes in a box. So whether you want to learn what it takes to impress your date with scrumptious homemade cuisine or just eat well and be more independent, this is your one-stop shop for good food!

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