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Make It Ahead

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A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten For the first time, trusted and beloved cookbook author Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, answers the number one question she receives from cooks: Can I make it ahead? If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in front of the stove at your own party, scrambling... more

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Straw-berries, Get it?!

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Besides drinking out of them and unclogging ketchup bottles straws have another cool use. Hulling Strawberries. First wash your berries well. Take your drinking straw and push it through the bottom of the strawberry spinning it in your fingers if needed until it pops the top off the strawberry. Pull... more

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Cookie Love

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60 Recipes and Techniques for Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary by Mindy Segal A new, edgier take on baking cookies, from a James Beard Award-winning chef and the owner of the popular Chicago restaurant, HotChocolate. Mindy Segal is an up-and-coming chef and baker who’s serious about cookies and bars.... more

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